• Naturopathic care for the entire family.

    Dr. Swanz has advance training in homeopathy as well as nutrition and weight loss. Doctor Swanz supports families and individuals on the journey to health, naturally.

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  • Clean hands cut down on illness

    Minnesota daycare-teachers helped the kids wash their hands every morning when they arrived and the staff disinfected all areas parents may have touched.
    The result was 50% fewer illnesses at daycare.

    dr swanz
  • Healthy Eating 101

    Eat 5 to 9 servings of fresh or frozen veggies every day. Iceberg lettuce doesn’t count. Strive for dark, deep, vibrant colors and variation for your day to day consumption.

    Do not use fat free dressing! Fat free products remove the fat and add sugar which is a bad, bad idea! Fats don’t make us fat…sugar does.

    Eat as much whole fruit as you would like, but be sure and consume 5 veggie servings for each fruit serving. Limit or restrict consumption of fruit juices, dried fruits, canned fruits, etc.

    To help offset the potentially high sugar spike from a fruit, consume it with a protein. (example – fresh apple and some cheddar cheese)

    dr swanz

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We are a holistic healing practice utilizing the best of Naturopathic and Homeopathic medicine.

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